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Rental Property

The Rental Property Registration and Licensing Ordinance ("RPRO”) was put in place to preserve and promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the residents, and the public generally, within the District. The District recognized that the most efficient system to provide for inspections of residential rental property was creating a program requiring the registration and licensing of rental properties. 

Any person that leases, operates, manages, or maintains a Single-Household or Multiple-Household Dwelling located within the Reservoir Project Area must obtain a Rental License. The fee for a Rental License shall be one hundred dollars ($100) per Dwelling Unit, per year, and is nonrefundable. To ensure that residential rental property is properly maintained, an inspection must be done upon termination of a lease or rental agreement, reletting of such Rental Unit, or transfer of title to the Dwelling or any part of the Dwelling containing such Rental Unit.  Rental inspections are $100, $50 for each subsequent inspection within a calendar year. Transfer of utilities to tenant’s name will not be done until the inspection has passed. A Rental License Registration form and Rental Inspection Application can be accessed in the side navigation of this section.