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Property Maintenance

Based on citizen concerns for quality neighborhoods, the District has adopted the ICC 2015 Property Maintenance Code. These rules were not made to cause hardship or create extra work, but rather they were constructed to ensure that one person’s actions do not have a negative impact on neighbors and the community.

A resident may report a concern about a property by clicking on "Property Maintenance Portal" on this page and submitting a complaint.

Covenants and Regulations: Some residential properties in the District are subject to subdivision restrictive covenants.  These restrictions are intended to maintain or enhance property values by limiting the use of the property and prohibiting certain uses or practices.  They are placed on the property by the developer at the time the subdivision is developed. Covenants are recorded at the Chancery Clerk's Office.  Enforcement of covenants is a matter among property owners in the subdivision, typically through a Homeowner’s Association. The District does not enforce covenant violations unless a District code is also being violated.