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All work must be inspected at various intervals.  Work shall not be progress until the inspection has passed. Inspections other than those listed below may be required as warranted by the inspector.

Rough Plumbing – inspection of building drain and water supply lines prior to covering with dirt. A water test is required on drain line. EROSION CONTROL MEASURES MUST BE IN PLACE AT THE TIME OF THIS INSPECTION.

Sewer Inspection – All sewer connections to the District tap will require a Fernco Adaptor. Any other type of connection must be approved by the Building Department prior to its use.

Foundation Inspection – after trenches are excavated and forms erected, steel in place and ready to pour concrete. Rough grading of lot should be done.

Framing Inspection – After the roof, framing, fire blocking, bracing, rough-in of plumbing, mechanical, and electrical BEFORE insulation, wall or ceiling coverings are done.  Gas test, mercury/air pressure, will be done at this inspection. 

Electrical Inspection – (to have meter set on house) All circuits are terminated, trim hardware installed, and air conditioner compressor is connected. 

Final Inspection – To be made after the building is complete, all required electrical fixtures are in place and properly connected (or protected), all plumbing fixtures are in place and properly connected, the mechanical system is in place and properly connected, the landscaping is installed, and sidewalks and driveway are complete, and the building is ready for occupancy.

No building may be occupied until the Final inspection has passed and the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.