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Draw Hunt Rules & Application

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*PRVWSD Special Hunt Permits are to be awarded by random draw from properly submitted hunter applications. Applications for special hunt permits will be accepted beginning Aug. 1, 2023 and ending at midnight Aug. 15, 2023. There is no fee to apply. Application forms can be downloaded from the links at the top of this page or picked up at the Reservoir's Main Office located at 115 Madison Landing Circle in Ridgeland. Completed applications can be returned to the same location, by email to and by regular mail. If mailed, applications must be postmarked by midnight Aug. 15, 2023 and sent to the following address.

* Hunters can apply for one special permit hunt in each of the two areas: Spillway (below the dam) and Pelahatchie Bay. The hunting area below Barnett Dam will contain two zones (Madison County and Rankin County, divided by the river) and the hunting area within Parcels M&N at Pelahatchie Bay will contain three zones (East, Central, and West).

*Permit fees for the areas below Barnett Dam are $300. Permit fees for areas within Sections M&N in Pelahatchie Bay are $200. All hunts are six days, with the exception of the final hunt that is nine days, and all hunts come with exclusivity for that period of time.

* Permits are non-transferrable.

* Only Mississippi residents, with a hunting license or exemption, aged 21 and over may apply. Each successful applicant may bring one designated guest, and both hunters can hunt and harvest deer. The guest must be at least age 12 and can be a non-resident of Mississippi. The guest must also be properly licensed in Mississippi or exempt. The permit holder must be present at each hunt.

* The 2023-24 Special Hunt Permit Season is Oct. 3, 2023 through Jan. 31, 2024, with 17 hunts in each zone. All hunts are six days, starting on Tuesday and ending on the following Sunday, with a lone exception of the final week, which that will be a nine-day hunt ending on Wednesday Jan. 31. No other persons will be allowed in the zone during another hunter's assigned period. No hunting is allowed on Monday. Legal hunting hours are consistent with state regulation with the exceptions noted above.

* Scouting within the Special Hunt Permit areas is allowed daily prior to Oct. 3, 2023. Between Oct. 3 and Jan. 31 scouting is only allowed on Mondays. Only hunters drawn to participate in Special Permit Hunt and their guests will be allowed within the permit hunting areas between Oct. 3 and Jan. 31, with the exception of fishing in the immediate spillway or river area. The Mule-Jail Trail will also be closed during draw hunt period.

*All special permit hunt areas boundaries will be defined by posted signage and markings on property. Maps of permit hunt area boundaries are available online and at PRVWSD offices. Each zone is approximately 245-250 acres.

* Upon receipt by PRVWSD office, each application will be given a number in the order it is processed. The random drawing — on or about Aug. 18 — will be done electronically, matching numbers to a date and a zone for the hunts. Preference will be given to date selected over zone unless otherwise requested (see application). Application will include a ranking notation on preferred dates for hunters permit and preferred zones. Calendar slots and hunting areas will be filled according to the ranking provided by hunter's application when possible.

* At completion of the application period and drawing, successful special permit hunters will be notified via email as provided on application. Email notification of selection will include all payment information, special permit hunt dates, and areas of winning permit hunt selection. Selected hunters will have one week (Aug. 25) to acknowledge the notification of selection and confirm their intent to hunt. Selected special permit applicants who fail to meet the response deadline will be replaced with substitute drawn from the original application pool. All special hunt permits must be purchased by Aug. 29, 2023. Any permits unclaimed by Aug. 29 will be filled through another substitute drawn from the original applicants.

* Each special hunt permit is valid for one legal buck and two antlerless deer. Only bucks with EITHER a 15-inch minimum inside spread OR an 18-inch minimum main beam length may be taken. ONLY ONE BUCK PER PERMIT.

* Special Permit Hunters must check in and check out prior to hunting each day by phoning the control tower at 601-992-9703. Hunters must also complete a daily hunting report each day and submit to drop box located at the Reservoir Maintenance Building off Spillway Road. A list of special permit hunters for each weekend hunt will be provided to the Control Tower.

* Parking is allowed in designated areas only. Hunters will receive the approved designated parking areas for Special Permit Hunts with the permit.

* No motorized vehicles are allowed on unpaved reservoir property before or during the hunt. However, a successful hunter with a downed deer ALREADY LOCATED can call Reservoir Patrol at (601-992-9894), report the kill and if needed, receive approval to use an ATV to retrieve the animal.

* Climbing stands, ladder stands and lock-on stands are permitted, but stands that require spikes or nails into trees are prohibited within the PRVWSD.

* All hunters climbing must use fall restraint harness systems approved by Treestand Manufacturers Association and successfully complete the TMA-approved online safety course. Hunter must provide PRVWSD with application certification completion of TMA-approved course to receive permit.

*Only after legal hours can a deer be recovered from another hunter's zone; however, a deer downed within a hunter's designated zone may be recovered at any time.

* All deer harvested must be weighed and have jawbone extracted (bucks to be mounted can have the jawbone extracted by the taxidermist BUT must be returned to reservoir within 10 days of kill) for age determination purposes. The hunter must also fill out the provided harvest form to be attached to the jawbone, providing the area in which animal was killed and other information required on the harvest form provided by Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks for management and evaluation purposes. A drop box for the jawbones will be located at the weigh station at the Reservoir Maintenance building off Spillway Road. ​



If you're not sure that your email was sent or that you mailed the application in, please contact Craig Hunt at 601-605-6894 or​ to confirm that it has been received. Please print your completed application and email, mail or deliver to:

Mail To: P.O. Box 2180 
Ridgeland, MS 39158

Deliver To: 115 Madison Landing Cir 
Ridgeland, MS 39157