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Upriver Camping

Download An Upriver Camping Permit

Upriver campers must adhere to all requirements as outlined in PRVWSD Regulations Part 203, Chapter 12: Camping.   

Overnight, primitive, upriver camping on the Barnett Reservoir is allowed on sandbars and river banks along the District’s property on Pearl River north of Hwy. 43. Camping is not allowed with one-half mile of platted subdivisions or land posted as “No Camping”. Campsites must be located in visible sight range of the river.

The District requires all camping sites be permitted. This permit is issued free to campers. Campers are required to call or visit Goshen Springs Campground (601-829-2751) or Reservoir Control Tower (601-992-9703) to obtain the permit. Campers will be given a permit number that must be displayed properly at their chosen campsites. Campers will provide: name, address, and cell phone number of the responsible person for the campsite; location of campsite; duration of camping trip; and anticipated number of campers.

The regulations outline some of the following items: Primitive upriver camping is defined as simple camping in a natural setting. All equipment and gear brought to the campsite must be removed when campers depart. No permanent structures, facilities, ground covers, or overhead covers may be constructed or installed. The natural setting of the site or habitat may not be altered. Camping permits are issued for a maximum duration of ten days. Campers wishing to extend their stay past ten days must break camp, move to a new location, and register for a new permit.

The District has constructed a permanent shelter structure and a composting bathroom on the sandbar known as “Flag Island” for upriver campers use. ( Lat. 32.585144​​o  Lon. -89.817957o ​)