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Our Missi​on:

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District was created by the Mississippi Legislature in 1958.  The mission statement of the PRVWSD is to operate and maintain the Ross Barnett Reservoir and surrounding District lands to provide: water supply, flood reduction, recreation opportunities, multiple forest uses, and quality communities; and to generate sufficient revenue to meet these goals without tax support from the member counties. The District provides water and wastewater utilities to the residences and businesses in these communities, and provides law enforcement protection for the 40 District operated recreation facilities, which include campgrounds, parks, boat launches, hunting, and fishing areas.


​​Why Lease Property:

During the development of the lake by the State of Mississippi, it was determined that properties along the shoreline of the reservoir would be made available for lease.  The leasehold property would be necessary not only to protect the water quality in the lake, but also to provide a perpetual source of income to the District, which operates without the tax support from the State or member counties.


Lease payments are rent for the real property on which a home or business is located.  Lease fees are placed in the PRVWSD operations and maintenance fund, which is the general operating fund.  The funds are then used as the PRVWSD Board of Directors approve.   The general fund expenditures include all of the operation and maintenance of all aspects of the lake, dams, parks, roads, campgrounds, ramps and forests.


The reservoir water and sewer fund maintains the water and sewer systems and customers of the water department pay separately for that service. 


WHat lease fees provide:


The lease agreement that is executed upon purchase of a home or business within the boundaries of the PRVWSD provides the lessee the privilege of owning the home or business located upon the State’s land.  The lease fees provides no other service to the lessee. The State of Mississippi, thru the PRVWSD, leases the use of the land for purposes as outlined in the lease agreement.


How lease fees are determined:


Appraisals are produced to determine the value of the property to be developed.  The appraisal price is used by the developer to calculate the individual lease fees for subdivision lots and commercial developments.   In an effort to keep up with inflation, as of 1994 an escalating factor was included with lease fees for new leases and renewals.  The residential escalation rate is 10% every 5 years.


How to pay lease fees:


Most mortgage companies escrow lease payments and submit payment upon the lease’s specific annual due date (usually the month of mortgage’s loan closing).  If you choose to make payment of your lease fee individually, annual billings are mailed on the 15th of the month prior to due date.  Late payment penalties will be assessed if payment is not received within 90 days of due date. 

Payments can be mailed to P.O. Box 2180 Ridgeland MS 39158, or made in person at either the Madison County office on Madison Landing Circle or at the Rankin County office on Spillway Road.  There are also drop boxes located at both offices for payment after hours.

If you have any questions about your lease, please contact Julie Barnthouse, Leasing Agent, at the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District office at (601)856-6574. 

If you fail to receive your annual billing, please contact our office as soon as possible.


delinquent lease accounts:

Nonpayment of annual lease fees will result in late fees, lease penalties of $170.00, and appropriate legal fees for any collection efforts.​

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