Barnett Reservoir
Pearl River Valley Water Supply District

Real Estate

Real Estate

The Barnett Reservoir near Jackson, Mississippi is located between Madison and Rankin Counties, two of the fastest growing counties in Mississippi. The Reservoir is owned and operated by a state agency known as the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District. The District consists of a water supply/recreational reservoir approximately 33,000 acres in size, surrounded by approximately 17,000 acres of shoreline property. The District leases the shoreline property to private developers for both residential and commercial developments. The District currently has approximately 6,000 leases in place, with opportunities for many more outstanding commercial and residential developments.

Click on commercial or residential for examples of both current and future development opportunities on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. For more information please contact 601-856-6574 or email Julie Barnthouse at​


RANKIN COUNTY                                  MADISON COUNTY


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