Barnett Reservoir
Pearl River Valley Water Supply District

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.
​​​​​Fishing Tournaments

Date                                 Event Name                                   Location 
​5/21/22                           Weekend Warrior                         Goshen N                       

5/21/22                           MS Central FOM                           Goshen N 2                    

5/26/22                           ABA                                                Goshen N                       

5/28/22                           Blair Batson                                   Goshen N                       

6/4/22                             JBC                                                 Goshen N                       

6/4/22                             MS Central FOM                           Goshen N 2                    

6/4/22                             Pride of the South                        Goshen S                        

6/5/22                             Ross Barnett Open                        Goshen N                       

6/10/22                           Philadelphia Bass                          Goshen N                       

6/11/22                           Ole River Bass                               Goshen N                       

6/11/22                           Philadelphia Bass                          Goshen N 2                    

6/12/22                           Magnolia Classic                           Goshen N                       

6/12/22                           Philadelphia Bass                          Goshen N                       


Special Events

Date                                 Event Name                                   Location                          

5/21/22                           MS Team Hope                             Lakeshore Park                          

5/21/22                           Disc Golf Tourney                        Old Trace Park /
                                                                                                  Pelahatchie Shore Park

5/22/22                           Disc Golf Tourney                         Pelahatchie Shore Park

5/26/22                           Sunset Concert                             Lakeshore Park

5/28/22                           Taylor Wedding                            Old Trace Park

6/3-4/22                          Celtic Fest                                      Lakeshore Park

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